Our extensive process expertise allows us to supply our customers with the highest value product possible.


State-of-the-art machinery for tight tolerances.

With over 200,000+ square feet of dedicated production space, Evantic® is vertically integrated and equipped with the latest technologies in multi-axis machining, molding, assembly and quality systems to bring a new or make-to-print design to life as your manufacturing solutions partner of choice.



Trusted, industry-leading innovations.

With more than 60 years of proven PTFE processing experience, our well-known bellows, diaphragms, machined components, molded shapes, tapes and film are superior in strength, reliability and performance.


Utilizing advanced systems to ensure exceptional quality and cleanliness.

Our ISO 9001 certification and extensive quality systems allow us to monitor and visually measure your products with precision and sophistication as we continuously strive towards zero defects.

Download PFI ISO 9001 2015 Certification

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Vertically integrated for your ease and convenience.

From vendor-managed or just-in-time inventory to kitting and assembly, we take pride in becoming an extension of your team to increase the depth and breadth of your products and save you weeks of lead time.